How Long Is The Dental Implant Process?

Dental implants are one of the most common and effective solutions when it comes to teeth restoration. Whether you're missing one or several teeth, implants can help you restore both the appearance and functionality of your mouth. 

If you are considering getting dental implants in Arvada, you may be curious to learn how long the process will take. You may have heard about people who had to go through extensive treatments and wait up to a year before their implants were completed. 

Is it really that long? 

Let's find out! 

The Dental Implant Process Timeline: What to Expect 

It's difficult to give an exact estimate as the duration of the process will depend on your unique needs. On average, it takes about eight months from the initial consultation until you can walk out of the dentist's office with a new implant. 

Here's what you can expect during this period:

  • Evaluation & Preparation

During this stage, the dentist evaluates and prepares the area for the implant. You will likely need a CT to check the bone structure and determine if you have enough mass or if bone grafting is necessary. If it is, then this will prolong the implant process as you will need to wait for the bone graft to heal before you can start. And that can take about three months or even longer. 

  • Implant Insertion

This is the stage where the implant is inserted in the jawbone. After this, you will need to wait between 3 and 6 months for the osseointegration process to be completed. It means that the implant will fuse with the bone and surrounding tissue and create the proper support and structure for the rest of the implant. This is a vital part of the process, as successful osseointegration will ensure that your implant will not fail. 

  • Crown Placement 

After the implant is successfully fused with the jawbone, the doctor can proceed with placing the abutment and crown. You will likely need a couple of visits to complete this stage. The dentist will take impressions of your mouth to make sure that the crown will fit with the rest of your teeth and that it has the right shape, size, and color. 

If you would like to enhance your smile and whiten your teeth, now would be the time. Then, the dentist can create the crown in the new shade of your teeth. 

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