Pineapple Juice Is The Key To Your Teens Wisdom Tooth Recovery

You might have come across an interesting fact on social media. A few months ago, videos started appearing on TikTok about one beverage potentially helping people recover from wisdom tooth surgery in Arvada: Pineapple Juice.

But since you can’t believe everything you believe on social media, you may be wondering if there’s any truth to this interesting fact.

And it turns out, there actually is!

However, like most things online, you should take it with a grain of salt, as the reality is more complex.

So Does Pineapple Juice Actually Help After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

So it’s not the pineapple juice per se, but something found in it. Pineapple contains a substance called “bromelain”, which can help reduce swelling and even pain according to multiple studies.

In theory, at least, pineapple juice can help your teen through their wisdom tooth recovery.

But, here’s the grain of salt:

You’d  Need to Drink Lots of Pineapple Juice

Since these effects are attributed to bromelain, and not pineapple juice, you’d most likely need to drink very high quantities of the juice to feel the effects of the enzyme.

And this can be an issue, for several reasons.

First, pineapple juice is full of sugar, and it’s not a good idea to consume lots of it in a day, as it can affect your blood sugar levels and even your teeth.

Additionally, pineapple juice, when drank in high quantities, can have some unpleasant side effects:

  • Nausea
  • Stomach aches
  • Diarrhea

There are also bromelain supplements available, but you should talk to your teen’s doctor if it’s safe for your teen to take the supplement, as well as the dosage.

How to Manage the Discomfort of Wisdom Tooth Removal

Even though wisdom tooth removal is a fairly straightforward procedure, the aftermath isn’t exactly pleasant.

The first few days after the extraction your teen can experience swelling, pain, and even mild bleeding. While it doesn’t hurt to drink some pineapple juice at this time, here are some other tips to help relieve their symptoms:

  • Apply a cold compress to the cheek to reduce swelling;
  • Take over-the-counter pain medication like Ibuprofen;
  • Eat soft foods that don’t require lots of chewing;
  • Continue to gently brush the teeth and keep the mouth clean;

Usually, these symptoms should entirely go away in 2-3 days, and your teen will go back to normal. However, if their symptoms persist, you should take them in for a consultation right away.

Does Your Teen Need to Take out a Wisdom Tooth?

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