What Are the Most Common Dental Emergencies?

If you are dealing with a dental emergency in Arvada, you need to get in touch with Dr. Kim at Candelas Dentistry right away.

In these moments, swift action can make a world of difference. Whether it’s about treating your pain and discomfort or even saving your natural tooth, a dental emergency means there is little time to wait.

But if you don’t know what exactly a dental emergency is, here are 5 of the most common reasons why people need emergency dental treatment:

1. High Levels of Pain

If you’re experiencing a toothache, it’s always best to book a dentist appointment as soon as possible. Tooth pain is almost always a sign of a dental issue that needs immediate attention, such as a large cavity or even a tooth infection.

A toothache can become so strong that patients may not be able to manage it with at-home measures like cold compresses or over-the-counter medication. If this is the case, then the toothache becomes a dental emergency. 

2. Knocked Out Teeth

A knocked-out tooth can be reimplanted into the socket if you see the dentist right after the incident occurs. It’s important to place the tooth in a sealed container filled with milk to make sure you preserve it and give it the best chances to reattach itself to the jaw.

3. Tooth Fractures, Chips, or Cracks

This type of damage to a tooth usually requires immediate dental attention. A dental fracture, chip, or crack won’t just affect the appearance of your smile. It can also cause a lot of pain.

Even if the crack or chip is small, you should still see the dentist immediately. As you continue to chew while eating, the pressure can lead to even more damage.

4. Post-Surgery Complication

Another reason to seek emergency dental help is if you are experiencing prolonged pain, swelling, or other symptoms following dental surgery, such as implant surgery.

After these procedures, your body should begin to heal, and as the day goes on your discomfort should diminish. If you notice they are getting worse, you may be dealing with some post-procedure complications that require immediate attention. 

5. Lost Filling or Dental Crown

Fillings and crowns are designed to protect the natural teeth. If they fall out, it can increase your risk of even more dental damage.

For instance, a lost filling can increase your risk for cavities, as the harmful bacteria can now get inside the tooth and attack its pulp.

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