What To Expect When Wearing Dentures For The First Time?

If you’re dealing with missing teeth, dentures in Arvada are a very effective way to restore your smile. Unfortunately, when it comes to these dental prosthetics, many people are hesitant because of certain misconceptions.

You should know that modern dentures have come a long way, and a good pair can look and feel just like natural teeth. Moreover, well-fitted dentures can be quite comfortable, allowing you to smile, speak, and even eat in public without the fear of falling out.

If you are considering getting dentures, but aren’t sure what to expect, here are four common experiences people go through when wearing dentures for the first time:

1. “Strange” Initial Feeling

Even if the dentures are custom-made for you, the very first moment you put them on it will feel strange. Your mouth will need a bit of time to adjust to them, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t immediately love wearing your dentures.

Give it time, and trust the process. Try to keep your dentures on for around 24 hours without taking them off. Over time (and not that much of it), the dentures will feel like a normal part of your mouth, but only if you continue to wear them.

2. Difficulty Eating

Eating with dentures on will seem impossible in the beginning, especially since your mouth is not used to them. However, remember, it takes time.

Make the process easier by cutting up your food into very small pieces, or stick to soft foods that don’t require lots of chewing. Chew mindfully to get used to using your new dentures. You’ll see you’ll be out eating in no time!

3. Difficulty Speaking

One of the biggest concerns people have regarding dentures is that they will change the way you speak. This is true in the beginning, but it won’t last forever. People usually need a few weeks to “learn” how to properly speak with dentures on.

And the only way to speed things along is to practice. The more you do, the quicker you’ll get used to speaking with your dentures in. The easiest way to achieve this is to read a book out loud. This will give you plenty of room for practice.

4. Gum Irritation

It’s possible your gums will feel sore and irritated when you start wearing your dentures. Over time, that discomfort will go away, but until that happens, you can give your gums a break from time to time. Take out the dentures and gently massage your gums to relieve the discomfort.

Want to Know If Dentures Are Right for You?

Dentures are a great way to restore a smile, but it’s not the only way. Arvada dentist Dr. Kim is here to help you discover your options and create an effective treatment plan that will give you a smile you’ve always wanted.

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